100% compostable

Mailing bags


Our bags need 3 – 6 months to biodegrade. Made from a blend of cornstarch bio-polymers


Strong, odour free, waterproof and tear resistant


Our mailing bags are produced using sustainably grown corn

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3 Different Sizes

We take great pride in providing the best eco friendly mailers available in 3 sizes 7×9″, 10×14″ ,12×16″.

Stand out

Our unique eco friendly packaging bags with a great design will show that you care about the environment

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Turtle care

Sea turtles find themselves on the top of the food chain of most marine ecosystems. Like all megafauna, they help to keep the oceans in healthy conditions and intervene in different steps of the food chain.


The disappearance of sea turtles and other keystone species from our oceans, would disrupt the balance of marine ecosystems and, ultimately, would have a huge social and economic impact for humans.

We are Green
Planet Packing

We produce eco packaging, 100% biodegradable mailing bag made of cornstarch, a perfect alternative to plastic.


Local businesses and industry leaders all share the same concerns are starting to become more conscious than ever before of how their packaging affects the planet.

Made from cornstarch

Plastics are one of the main unsolvable problems that contribute to Earth’s wellbeing. Ever since there is plastic, the world changed not for the better. Most of the time, we can’t go anywhere without seeing plastic waste around us.


It’s definitely a problem. How is it not when out of 8.3 billion metric tons produced plastics, 91% of them aren’t recycled?